“Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart”

7909ff5c1a73939e_main Hi guys :) Never expected myself to be back so soon but I really need to write this experience today before i forget about it :) Sooo, here goes:

It was a typical monday for me today except for the fact that I didn’t go to work since i took a day off. Since there was nobody home today and I needed to meet my mom at 6 later that day, I decided to go catch Frozen before meeting up with her.

If you know me, you would know that I LOVE to watch disney cartoons even though I am a guy (my favourites are lion king, tangled, beauty and the beast, etc ;)). SInce this was a new disney movie and it looks interesting, I decided to watch it instead of catching fire (which to me is overrated in my own opinion).

In order to not bore you with my lousy story-telling skills and spoil the movie for you, I am just going to tell you the key things about this movie. The key points about this movie is about how Elsa (the girl on the left) tried to avoid the contact of people because of an incident where she almost killed her sister Anna (the girl on the right) when they were young. When Elsa grew up, and was made the Queen, a ball was held. Anna, who delights in company and also thought she found her true love, needles Elsa to allow it to happen more often. Elsa, being frustrated at herself for being unable to give Anna what she wants, accidentally lose control of her power and turned the kingdom into an icy wasteland. She exiles herself to the mountains and Anna chases her, desperate to have her sister as well as save the kingdom. To cut the long story short, Anna saved Elsa from being killed by a villain who wanted to claim the throne for himself, the action done by Anna saved her own life as only an act of true love can thaw the heart her sister accidentally frozen, and the kingdom live happily ever after with Elsa being able to control her power.

Honestly, it wasn’t a typical Disney movie I expected.This movie introduced both the romance-type of love, as well as love that can only be formed between families. But to me, it meant so much more.

After the movie, I started to recall the journey of how Anna tried to save Elsa. It was not an easy journey and Anna died for her sister (for a moment). It was then the Lord revealed to me saying this.

“Royston, this is how the Lord loves you and His people”

We are just like Elsa. We have struggles that people do not know about, and we dare not reveal it as we are afraid of what might happen. Jesus is just like Anna. Even after He knows our problems, He is not deterred by it. Instead, He chases after us, He reaches out to us when no one ever will. We tried to push Jesus away, avoid Jesus, and to an extent hurt Jesus; Just like how Elsa avoided and ran from Anna and even hurt her. But our Jesus never gives up. He is just like Anna in the movie. He continues to chase after us and reach out to the lost sheep. In the end, He died for your sins, to claim you from the hands of sins, just like how Anna used her last breath to save her sister instead of herself and died in the process. In the end, His love was poured out for us at the cross and this changed us from the inside out, just like how Anna melted Elsa’s heart with love and with this love, Elsa sets everything right. Isn’t it beautiful?

 Only an act of true love can thaw a frozen heart

His Love is real and true :) Are you ready to accept it? :)

See you at the next post ;)

Roy :)

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